Providing professional conference services in Europe, Turkey and internationally. We offer the highest-quality simultaneous and consecutive professional interpreting services.

We provide the expertise necessary for accurate interpretation and translation across even the most complex technical topics. Your staff will be able to focus on their core tasks with complete confidence, regardless of the audience’s location, native language, or culture. Simultaneous interpretation is the most difficult type of interpreting. A professional simultaneous interpreter works with meaning and aims of communication in order to reach the goal of helping all parties communicate and coming to an understanding. Based on the client’s specific needs, we perform consecutive interpretation at meetings, events, trade shows. Consecutive language interpretation is useful in meetings, classes and training events, as well as business talks or interviews. While whispered interpretation is used at meetings consisting of a small number of participants.

Steps in event success
  • Coordination with the organizer
  • Pre-conference/event briefing
  • Equipment protocol check
  • Confidenciality and ethics

Our interpreting services are:
  • Onsite simultaneous and consecutive interpreting
  • Telephone interpreting
  • Video interpreting